Nuclear Reactor Monitoring
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Technology Development
Observation of neutrons with a Gadolinium doped water Cherenkov detector
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Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Monitoring

Nuclear Explosion Detection
An Assessment of Antineutrino Detection as a Tool for Monitoring Nuclear Explosions.  Bernstein, A., West, T., Gupta, V.
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Applied Antineutrino Physics Workshops
Neutrinos and Arms Control Workshop 2004, University of Hawaii

AAP2006 Conference - Livermore, California, USA

AAP2007 Conference - Paris, France

AAP2009 Conference - Angra dos Reis, Brazil

AAP2010 Conference - Sendai, Japan

AAP2011 Conference - Vienna, Austria

AAP2012 Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

LLNL-SNL Coherent Neutrino Scattering Workshop, Dec. 6-7, 2012