Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Applied Antineutrino Physics (APP) workshop series is a vibrant forum for the community of researchers interested in the nonproliferation and geophysical applications of antineutrino signatures.

AAP 2018 is the 14th edition of the series. With numerous advances reported or expected in relevant areas of physics and technology, this year’s iteration will be especially stimulating and informative. Workshop topics include:

  • Near- and far-field reactor antineutrino detection
  • Coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering
  • Neutrino detection research and development
  • Reactor antineutrino flux predictions and the reactor anomalies
  • Nonproliferation use cases and technology application studies

Dates: October 10 and 11, 2018

Location: Martinelli Event Center, Livermore, California, USA


Registration for this event is closed.


Wednesday, October 10

Time Title Presenter


8:45 AM Opening Remarks
9:00 AM AAP2018 Introduction Jim Lund

Near Field Detection Projects - I

9:25 AM PROSPECT Pieter Mumm
9:50 AM STEREO Helena Almazan
10:15 AM Break

Near Field Detection Projects - II

10:45 AM SoLiD Maja Verstraeten
11:05 AM CHANDLER Jaewon Park
11:25 AM NEOS Bo-young Han
11:45 AM DANSS Yuri Shitov
12:05 PM Neutrino4 Anatolii Serebrov (video recording)
12:25 PM Lunch

Reactor Flux Predictions and the Reactor Anomalies

1:40 PM Flux Predictions - Nuclear Theory Anna Hayes
2:00 PM Flux Predictions - Nuclear Data Alejandro Sonzogni
2:20 PM Updated Flux and Spectral Predictions relevant to the RAA Anthony Onillon
2:35 PM Overview and Status of Anomalies Georgia Karagiorgi

Near Field Detection Projects - III

2:55 PM Status of reactor neutrino monitor experiments in Japan Kyohei Nakajima
3:15 PM Workshop Photo
3:25 PM Break

Near Field Detection Projects - IV

3:55 PM Status of the Neutrinos Angra Project Pietro Chimenti
4:15 PM Vidaar Jonathan Coleman

Far Field Detection Projects

4:35 PM WATCHMAN Morgan Askins
4:55 PM JUNO Wei Wang
5:15 PM SuperK-Gd Lluis Marti-Magro
5:35 PM Adjourn
6:15 PM Reception Wente Vineyards
7:15 PM Dinner Lecture John Learned
7:45 PM Conference Dinner

Thursday, October 11

Time Title Presenter

Use Cases and Application Studies

8:45 AM Safeguards Policy Overview George Anzelon
9:10 AM Antineutrino Detection Use Case Overview Patrick Huber
9:30 AM Versatile Test Reactor (VTR) Overview Tony Hill
9:50 AM Nuclear Explosion Monitoring: An overview of the global monitoring system Michael Foxe
10:05 AM Explosion monitoring: What can neutrinos add to the global system? Rachel Carr
10:20 AM Break

Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering

10:50 AM COHERENT Belkis Cabrera-Palmer
11:10 AM CONUS Janina Hakenm├╝ller
11:30 AM Prospects for reactor monitoring using noble liquid detectors Jingke Xu
11:50 AM CONNIE Juan Estrada
12:10 PM Ricochet Joseph Johnston
A representative from RED100 was unable to attend, but provides the following recent references: Status of the RED-100 experiment, The RED-100 two-phase emission detector, Synthesis of Titanium Nanoparticles in Liquid Xenon by a High-Voltage Discharge.
12:30 PM Lunch

Detection R&D - I

1:40 PM NuLat John Learned
2:00 PM LLNL Materials Development Andrew Mabe
2:20 PM BNL Materials Development Minfang Yeh
2:40 PM Large-scale WbLS Detector R&D Gabriel Orebi Gann
3:00 PM On-Surface Background Studies Michael Mendenhall
3:20 PM Break

Detection R&D - II

3:50 PM Exploring anti-neutrino event selection and background reduction techniques for ISMRAN Dhruv Mulmule (presented by N. Bowden)
4:05 PM Antineutrino Directionality R&D Daine Danielson
4:25 PM Distributed Imaging for Liquid Scintillation Detectors Giorgio Gratta
4:45 PM SVSC: Development Towards a Compact Neutron Imager Josh Brown

Summary and Outlook

5:05 PM Meeting Summary Jelena Maricic
5:30 PM Next AAP Workshop
5:40 PM Adjourn

Travel Information


Ground Transportation

Due to limited public transportation options, ground transportation to the Livermore area and the workshop venues is best achieved via one of the following options:

  • Rental car
  • Uber or Lyft (around $80 from SFO to Livermore)
  • Ambassador Limo

Please secure your own lodging reservations.

To use the group rate, reserve a room at one of the hotels listed below. The rates represent an October 9 check-in and October 12 check-out.

  • Larkspur Landing Pleasanton
    5535 Johnson Drive
    Pleasanton, CA 94588

    Distance from venue: 15 miles

    Group name: Lawrence Livermore National Labs—AAP 2018 Meeting

    Negotiated rate: $171/night (excluding taxes)

    Reservation deadline: October 9

  • Residence Inn Marriott
    1000 Airway Blvd
    Livermore,CA 94551

    Distance from venue: 10 miles (limited walkable amenities)

    Group name: LLNS AAP 2018

    Negotiated rate: $171/night (excluding taxes)

    Reservation deadline: September 9

  • Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Livermore
    1700 N. Livermore Ave.
    Livermore, CA 94551

    Distance from venue: 6 miles (near downtown Livermore)

    Group name: LLNL AAP 2018 Group

    Negotiated rate: $171/night (excluding taxes)

    Reservation deadline: September 8

  • Best Western Plus Vineyard Inn
    7600 Southfront Road
    Livermore, CA 94551

    Distance from venue: 4 miles (limited walkable amenities)

    Group name: AAP-2018

    Negotiated rate: $159/night (excluding taxes)

    Reservation deadline: September 9


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