Coherent Neutrino Scattering 2012 Workshop

Low Threshold Detectors for Detection of Coherent Neutrino Scattering Workshop

Dates: December 6 and 7, 2012

Location: Livermore, California, USA


Thursday, December 6

Time Title Presenter

Overview and Motivations for Coherent Neutrino Nucleus Scatter Detection

9:00 AM Introduction/Workshop Goals A. Bernstein, LLNL
9:15 AM Coherent Scatter in the Standard Model and Astrophysical Processes L. Stodolsky, Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
9:45 AM Very Low Threshold Scattering - an Experimentalist's Perspective B. Cabrera, Stanford University
10:15 AM Break
9:45 AM Prospects for Reactor Monitoring with Coherent Scatter Detectors A. Bernstein, LLNL

Noble Liquid Detectors

11:00 AM The Russian Emission Detector (RED) A. Bolozdynya, MePhi
11:30 AM Detection of Small Ionization Signals in a Two-Phase LXe Detector: Successes and Obstacles D. Akimov, ITEP
11:50 AM Lunch
1:20 PM Dual Phase Argon Detector Development at LLNL S. Sangiorgio, LLNL
1:50 PM Ionization Yield Measurements with 100 keV Neutron Sources M. Foxe, Penn State U.
2:10 PM R&D at FNAL For Measuring Coherent Scattering of Neutrinos J. Yoo, FNAL
2:40 PM Low Threshold Neon and other Noble Gas Detectors C. Thorn, BNL
3:10 PM Break

Solid State Detectors

3:30 PM Development of Ge detectors for Reactor Monitoring B. Cabrera-Palmer, SNL
4:00 PM Low Noise Threshold in Ge P. Barton, LBL
4:30 PM CONNIE: Low Threshold Silicon Detectors J. Tiffenberg, FNAL
5:10 PM Adjourn

Collaboration Dinner at Terra Mia


Friday, December 7

Time Title Presenter

Phonon Detectors

9:00 AM Experimental Challenges and Sensitivity Reach with Phonon Detectors E. Figueroa-Feliciano, MIT
9:30 AM Solid State Dark Matter Detectors and Phonon Mediated Detection and Very Low Temperature Detectors Presented by B. Sadoulet on behalf of Sadoulet, N. Mirabolfathi, and M. Pyle, UCB Physics
10:00 AM SQUID readout of phonon detectors S. Pereverzev, LLNL
10:30 AM Break

Neutrino Sources

10:50 AM Spallation Sources K. Scholberg, Duke
11:20 AM New Compact Low Energy Neutrino Sources M. Shaevitz, Columbia
11:50 AM Ionization Yield Measurements with Nuclear Resonant Fluorescence sources T. Joshi, UCB NE
12:15 PM Lunch

Synergistic Basic Science R&D

1:45 PM Towards Precision Measurement of Coherent Scatter Cross sections P. Barbeau, Stanford University
2:15 PM Noble Liquid Dark Matter Detectors P. Sorensen, LLNL
3:15 PM Break
3:45 PM Looking for Sterile Neutrinos with Bolometric Coherent Scatter Detectors J. Formaggio, MIT
4:15 PM Coherent Scatter for Oscillation Experiments D. Reyna, SNL

Future Directions and Wrap Up

4:45 PM Collaborations, Proposals, Sponsor Interest Open Discussion
5:15 PM Adjourn